Sears Property Services - Professional Inventory Services
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Please look through the sample inventories on this page so that you can see how our inventories are laid out.
             Services Provided
A full contents and condition list of a property.
 Sample Inventories


Check In / Schedule of Condition:
The property is inspected with the tenant and the inventory report.  The Schedule of Condition is signed. Meter readings are taken and keys handed over to the tenant are noted in the report. 
Mid Term  Inspection:
Mid tenancy review of the property and its condition. 
Check Out:
Compares the condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy with its condition as noted on the Inventory and Check In at the start of the tenancy.

Sample Check Out Report  
Completed reports; 2 x Bound Documents are provided. All reports will include digital images. Reports are completed 24 hours after Property Visit. A PDF file of the inventory is also provided.
Reports can be tailored to individual needs/requirements upon request.
A full detailed report of each kitchen cupboard as well as information about all the appliances is included in all reports as standard.