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Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's)
From the 1st October 2008 all properties on the market for sale or to let require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by law in England and Wales.
Landlords will only require an Energy Performance Certificate for properties being marketed for rent from 1st October. Properties which already have a tenant before 1st October will not require an EPC until the property is available for rent at a later date. The EPC is only required for properties that are self contained, and from April 1st 2012 is valid for 3 years.
If you are selling your property you will need to have a current EPC. It is the only part of the Home information Pack (HIP) that was retained. 
Energy Performance Certificates are part of a European law to make consumers more aware of how green a building is. An EPC has two ratings. The Energy Efficiency rating which measures how efficient a building is, and the Environmental Impact rating detailing the CO2 impact.
If you are a landlord and are unsure whether you need an EPC then please call 0800 002 9644 for advice.