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Commercial Inventory & Schedule of Condition
A Schedule of Condition should be agreed between the Landlord and Tenant at the commencement of a lease. This will usually be a written document with supporting photographic evidence of the full condition of the property at the outset. This document can be attached to the lease and limit the Tenant's repairing liability, depending upon the wording of the lease.
A properly prepared Schedule of Condition, formally agreed with the landlord will in the majority of cases limit tenant’s liabilities to future deterioration only.
Provided the tenant maintains a property in accordance with the terms of the Lease, a Schedule of Condition will usually prove invaluable when the tenant come to vacate.
At the end of a lease, a schedule of dilapidations records detail the condition of the premises in similar detail. In brief, the two records are compared and subject to the terms of the lease form a basis for settling a claim for dilapidations or repairs outstanding under the lease.
Not just Tenants benefit from this, but Landlords too, as it means that any monies owed or works required due to the repair obligations are quickly finalised, allowing the Landlord to go about finding a new Tenant without undue delays.
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